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JRTT is an incorporated administrative agency (an Agency Managed under the Medium-term Objectives) that was established in 2003 by the merging of the Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation and the Corporation for Advanced Transport & Technology.

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Name Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency (abbreviated name: JRTT)
Name in Japanese 独立行政法人 鉄道建設・運輸施設整備支援機構
Established October 1, 2003
Purpose To establish a transportation system based on modes of mass transportation by constructing railways, and providing assistance for promoting the development of
railway infrastructure by railway companies, shipping companies, and others, and other
Main Business Projected Shinkansen Construction(High-speed Rail in Japan)
Oversea High-speed Rail Project
Coastal Ship Shipbuilding and Joint ownership
Local Public Transport Investment etc.
Railway Development Subsidy
Japanese National Railways Settlement Adinistration

Corporate History

2003.10 JRTT established
2004.3 Minatomirai Line Opened
2005.8 Tsukuba Express Opened
2010.12 Tohoku Shinkansen (Hachinohe to Shin-Aomori) Opened
2011.3 Kyushu Shinkansen (Hakata to Shin-Yatsushiro) Opened
2015.3 Hokuriku Shinkanen (Nagano to Kanazawa) Opened
2016.3 Hokkaido Shinkansen (Shin-Aomori to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto) Opened
2019.11 Eastern Kanagawa Line (The Sotetsu-JR Through Line) Opened
2022.9 Kyushu Shinkansen (Takeo-Onsen to Nagasaki) Opened
2023.3 Eastern Kanagawa Line (The Sotetsu-Tokyu Through Line) Opened
2024.3 Hokuriku Shinkanen (Kanazawa to tsuruga) Opened

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