Survey conducted by JRTT

Survey conducted by JRTT

JRTT provides a wide array of services from general research in the conceptual stage to detailed research in the implementation stage at the request of Government, local municipalities, and train operators.

  • Based on reliable technical intelligence
    We conduct appropriate investigations and make proposals backed by technical intelligence cultivated by abundant construction experiences.
  • Optimal scheme
    Project scheme is selected based on our abundant survey experiences.
  • Objective survey
    As a public institution, we conduct unbiased and reliable surveys.
  • Detailed and suitable for site conditions
    Our regional branches are able to conduct surveys and provides appropriate and timely support.

Flow of Project Surveys

(1) Preliminary observation
 ●Collection of needs for railway and grasp of national/local development plans
(2) Basic research
 ●Current traffic condition ●Transportation demand
 ●Analyses of necessity and urgency of the targeted route ●Applicable scheme
(3) Outlining of the route
 ●Survey of route conditions and comparison of alternatives
 ●Estimation of overall project cost
 ●Estimation of transportation demand and operation timetabling
(4) Advanced route study
 ●Studies of project feasibility, evaluation of socioeconomic impacts, etc.
 ●Determination of routes, locations of stations and rolling stock depots, etc.
(5) Construction Planning
 ●Geological survey and land survey, investigation of design conditions
 ●Alignment design, structure type planning
 ●Preliminary design of structures, estimation of construction cost, project licensing, etc.
 ●Negotiation with stakeholders, environmental impact assessment,
  finalization of urban planning and other procedures, etc.
(6) Start of construction

GRAPE Transportation Plan Assistance System

JRTT developed GRAPE which is a new system to assist in the development of transportation plans including railway.
The system provides visual and intelligible assistance for project evaluation and transportation analyses.


Isochrone map of travel time to Haneda Airport, and population included in each time range