Coastal Shipbuilding

Joint Ownership Shipbuilding Scheme

Since it costs great sums of money to build a ship, it is important to provide low-interest, long-term funding and technical assistance with a ship-owner.

Therefore, JRTT jointly builds and owns passenger ships and cargo ships with coastal shipping companies. Since the establishment of this Joint Ownership Shipbuilding Scheme in 1959, JRTT has built over 4,000 ships.

We are also conducting studies of technologies for reducing a seafarer's labor and greenhouse gas. Especially, we manage to diffuse ships driven by onboard electric power plants, namely "super-eco ships" in order to tackle global warming.

Results of studies and research are shared with the maritime industry via seminars and other platforms. Also, JRTT built ships in accordance with the results, which contributes to promote more people- and eco-friendly ships.



Achievement of JRTT's Shipbuilding

Over the years since the establishment of the Coastal Passenger Liner Corporation-the predecessor to JRTT-in 1959, we have built a total of over 4,000 ships. As the largest shipowners in Japan we contribute to regional revitalization and the streamlining of logistics. Over that period, we have received many awards.

Diffusion and Promotion of New Technology

With engineers who have a wealth of know-how, data and expertise from the building of some 4,000 ships, we provide technical assistance through all stages, from planning to design and shipbuilding, and continue technical assistance after completion to ensure efficient operation of the ships.

We collaborate with external experts, relevant companies and others to conduct studies and research regarding the labor-saving, energy conservation, safety improvement, onboard working environment improvement and other improvements required by coastal shipping companies, and provide the results of our research to them as technological data.

Ship for Sale

We have no ship for sale now.