Total Technology for Railway Construction

Railway construction involves various types of jobs: route survey, negotiation with stakeholders, land acquisition, and design and construction of railway facilities.
Furthermore, design and construction of railway. As a trustworthy government agency with comprehensive railway experts, JRTT provides financing for new railway projects and build railway rapidly with considering cost reduction based on our abundant experiences and technical advantage in each phase of railway construction - gained from many years of constructing railways throughout Japan.

Prestudy for Railway Construction

1. Research and Planning

Prior to constructing work, various prestudies are required such as selection of route and station location, the design and construction planning of railway. JRTT is able to implement these studies with high quality as governmentally authorized agency.

2. Financing

A substantial amount of money is required to construct railway. As a trustworthy government agency, JRTT provides not only financing, but also fundraising from private banking.

3. Preparatory work before construction

Before construction, JRTT holds public briefings for local government and local residents on environmental measures against noise and vibration from construction work and public safety, etc.
Everyone involved in the construction comes together to make efforts to reduce noise and vibrations during construction and otherwise conserve local environments, and prevent accidents involving third parties and other construction accidents.

Process of Railway Construction