Other Affairs

Railway Develop Subsidies

JRTT accepts subsidies from the national government, and assist to improve railway networks and further improve convenience.

We provide subsidies for the improvement of urban and regional railway lines and facilities leading to the revitalization of the region, such as new stations.

As a response to safety and reliability, we promote improvements such as "platform screen doors" and "elevator" so that everyone can safely and smoothly move inside the station.

We also assist with safety measures for railway crossings.

Financing for the Expense of Constructing the Linear Chuo Shinkansen

To assist the full opening of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, including between Nagoya and Osaka, we took on a low-interest loan from the Fiscal Loan Fund and provided a long-term, fixed, low-interest loan for a portion of construction expenses to the entity of construction, Central Japan Railway Company, through the fiscal loan fund from the government.

Assistance for Local Public Transportation

We provide funding and other assistance for the improvement of service levels, the restructuring of lines and other projects that contribute to the formulation of more sustainable local public transportation networks based on the Act on Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Local Public Transportation Systems (Act No. 59 of 2007).

Funding from JRTT enables more flexible fundraising for the initial investments that projects require and can be expected to attract necessary funding from local private companies, financial institutions and others.

JNR Settlement Administration

When Japanese National Railways, JNR, was reformed in 1987, it morphed into JNR Settlement Corporation. It inherited all of JNR's rights and obligations that were not transferred to JRs, the newly established private railway companies.

JRTT is the successor of JNR Settlement Corporation. It liquidates the inherited land and JRs shares, bears the cost of pensions of former JNR employees.

JNR settlement
JNR settlement

JR Full Privatization Promotion

JRTT has kept possessing the shares in JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku and JR Freight, and supported the JRs in renewal of railway infrastructure and strengthening their business fundamentals for the purpose of their full privatization.

JRTT will keep monitoring the JRs and seeking appropriate way of liquidation of the shares in them.